Hey Lance,


First, regarding any of the content that is currently on the website, this content comes from the Business Plan info that you sent me. What I did was pick through it and restructure the verbiage a little in order for it to work on the pages where Iíve inserted it. For the most part, that dialogue (from the Business Plan) doesnít really work for the site.


Regarding the pick list for the customers to peruse on the Home page, I will use the last list that you sent over.


The information regarding the contractors who want to join your team is what I need more content for. If you want me to develop that, let me know.


Hereís the checklist of what I see needs to be completed on the website at this time:

         Insert Guarantee from your Labor Contracts onto the Guarantee page on the website

         Insert the Pick List of services provided for the customer on the Home page

         Insert dialogue regarding Choosing a Contractor (On Home page, briefly, leading to its own separate page.)


Building a short form for contractors to sign up is not a problem with building it in. Also, let me know what the typos were that you noticed and I will correct them.